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Work in progress

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Some of the new prints that I am working on. I have so many projects in my mind at the moment I need to get going with them before my brain explodes!

About my work

I have been passionate about art from an early age, always drawing and copying other artists work. I used to like drawing all the Disney cartoon characters and would make pictures for other children at school. My father used to give me constructive criticism on my artwork when I was a child, so I have always been used to looking again at my work and analysing until it feels right.
I make art because I enjoy it. It calms me and helps me to keep my hands busy and let my mind flow freely. It helps me let go of stress and tension so I don’t worry about silly things. The transformation process is fascinating to me.
My work is an expression of myself and whatever I am feeling at the time. With my art I am exploring texture, colour and pattern. I enjoy using the hand drill, because it enables me to make marks on hard surfaces like glass and wood. I like to use found and left over materials from other projects. I hate to waste things. That is why I use a lot of randomly sized pieces of board or plastic to print on. I am partial to painting on wood because of its hard nature. When I print I like to use layers in some way or another, for example I may use prints on tissue paper to make a collage or I may layer a lino print over a mono print.
My favourite colours are black and purple. I like black particularly because it is a bold and strong colour that stands out, I also like the fact that it always looks different when beside other colours. I like purple because it is a very rich voluptuous colour. I love bold and strong colours and there isn’t any particular colour that I don’t really like, they all have their place and purpose within my artwork. Hence why the most enjoyable part of the printing process for me is mixing the colours onto a palette, I always find new depths and shades of colour that I could not have made deliberately and so I use pieces of hardboard to mix my inks on and it becomes an artwork in and of itself so that I can continue to experience the pleasure derived from making new colours.
I pretty much just follow my own ideas and thought processes. When I was studying fine art at university I had worked consistently in lino printing and book making, but at the beginning of my final year I had an idea to make an art piece in glass, for that I had to do my own individual research as it was not a medium that was supported by the university. I had been inspired by a story in the Quran of the Prophet Solomon and his glass palace, after this I was determined to combine my Islamic art inspired patterns with glass. I had looked into the idea of making a building of glass cast blocks but then considering the cost and the weight of it I had to look at other options of making marks on glass so I ended up with buying a greenhouse and engraving it. Since then I have continued experimenting in glass and have used sandblasting and relief printing to make patterns on glass.
My current work is basically something to kick myself back into making something that I am passionate about. I had not painted anything for almost three years, I was stuck in a rut, having really bad artists block. I had been making prints during this time on hardboard and had many prints on tissue paper. I got fed up with looking at them so I was thinking to make some kind of collage with them as I had done a few times before but I really just wanted to get back into painting so I decided to combine the two and made the lily series.
Creating art is part of building memories. Each piece for me reflects a point in my life. I would like to incorporate my interest in other cultures, specifically my love for languages in my future work.

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