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My Artist Feature on ‘You & I aRT’

‘You & I aRT‘ Is a community art page on Facebook. It has a sister page called ‘Life is aRT‘ which is the main community page. Both pages are for artist to network and share their work to gain more exposure. However ‘You & I aRT‘ functions as a gallery page for artists and they feature a number of different artists through this page.

The page creates a note which a biography of the artist as well as an artist album with the photos of your choice. Check out my artist feature and gallery page.

 It is very easy to have a gallery featured on the page, click here for the instructions on how you can have your own featured gallery on ‘You & I aRT‘.



Another book

This is the most recent book that I’ve made. At the moment I’m mixing up different ideas for the look of the book covers, this is one simple example. I just added some ribbon to the front of the book. The size of this book is roughly A6.

‘Commotion in My Backyard’

Bookmaking time

I finally got round to making some books. I have a lot of ideas so hopefully the first of many. They will be available as one-off originals on Etsy inshaAllah.

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