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سمر الاشنتى Asamoah (yezarck) on Pinterest

سمر الاشنتى Asamoah (yezarck) on Pinterest.

Red, Blue and Purple Abstract Flower Painting in progress

Still unfinished, I have added a touch of bronze and metallic green.

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Today at the Baltic in Gateshead

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Red Heart Acrylic Painting

The second in a series of ‘heart’ paintings, halfway to completion.

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Celebration Catering by Marna Swan

I met Marna Swan at the Beacon arts and crafts fair on 22nd September in Newcastle’s west end. I was more than tempted by the delicious treats that she had on offer, so I decided to try something different and I had a chocolate orange muffin. As a lover of cakes and expert eater of them I can say that it was absolutely delicious, beautiful flavour and just the right sweetness. The cream frosting was perfect too, it really went down a treat.

As a result of the craft fair Marna Swan will be catering for the coffee shop at the Beacon, so her yummy treats will be available to buy there. If you need catering in your home or a venue for an event and you live in the North-East you can contact Celebration Catering on: 01207 438931 or email:

North-Eastern Landscapes by Alan and Joan Ford

Alan and Joan Ford paint using water colours beautiful landscape paintings of various locations and sites around the North-East of England. All of their paintings are originals and they do no sell prints or copies of their work. So you can be sure that when you buy an artwork from them it is truly unique and irreplaceable. For information on their artwork and purchases you can contact them via email at- or by phone- 0191 4875881.

The photos below were taken at the Beacons craft fair on the 22nd September. The pictures do not do these beautifully detailed paintings justice.

‘Sabr’ Painting

This is my latest commission piece for a client in Qatar. It says ‘Sabr’ in arabic script which translates to ‘patience’. I just received this picture of it framed and hanging in its new home. 🙂

Does it Look Like a Heart?

Still to be finished but almost there I think.

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