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Sketch Progression to Completion

My latest sketch with a colour combination of light blue, pink, dark blue, dark purple and red. I started this sketch sometime last week and have worked on it bit by bit. I just finished it. 🙂


Sketch with Green, Yellow and Blue

Prints from a lino cut that Ive lost :(

These prints were made from a lino that I cut in early 2007. It might not seem a big deal seeing as I have the prints that I made from it but it is to me as they are my original artworks and more valuable in my eyes than and sheet of printed paper. Its like a photographers film, if its lost no more photos. There are four lino cuts from that year that I lost. 😦

Boo hoo me.

Qadru Allah ma sha fa al

Esto Es Mi Corazon Roto

This is my broken heart
I can feel it crying
Tears in my eyes but they fall in my heart
All alone this sorrow will never part
Heart, beat, slow, beat, bleed, gently, slowly, dying, crying, trying to heal the wounds you cut so deep
I’m lost without you the nights I cannot sleep
For the pain inside is keeping me alive till you put it out with your fire
You bloody liar


Red Black Twisted Heart

Abstract painting still in progress. I did blog about this over a month ago, it was mostly cream, red and pink then, I think. It has taken on another dimension and has become heavy with black highlighted with red. I’m just feeling my way through it like any other abstract painting. Gotta let the piece speak for itself.

Blue Fabric Print for Book Covers

I used a lino cut to print this design on blue velvet feel fabric. I’m going to use this to cover some books in the coming weeks. Time to get binding again 🙂

Todays printing

Today I printed on about 15 jars which will be great as tea light lanterns, 1 bottle and have made a piece of abstract art that kind of has a sunset rainbow feel to it. Not sure if I’ll change it or add to it once its dry though. 🙂

Just a Little Baby Blue Needed

This sketch is practically finished apart from the few white spaces left. They should be baby blue but I ran out of baby blue pen. I’ve been on th hunt for a new pen but can’t find baby blue! 😦 . I didn’t think I was going to like this sketch at all but now I just love it, can’t wait till its finished. I think I’m gonna name it crazy butterfly. My chuck egg suggested the name to me. 🙂

Sketch so far

My latest sketch, I’m almost finished. 🙂

Handbound A4 sized Blue Book

I made this book a couple of weeks ago, the sheets are cut from Somerset paper. The book is hardback with a teal blue velvet type fabric cover. I used a piece from a black belt that I had broke. It still needs to be stamped with my logo before I put it in my Etsy shop:

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