Something a little different

Esto Es Mi Corazon Roto

This is my broken heart
I can feel it crying
Tears in my eyes but they fall in my heart
All alone this sorrow will never part
Heart, beat, slow, beat, bleed, gently, slowly, dying, crying, trying to heal the wounds you cut so deep
I’m lost without you the nights I cannot sleep
For the pain inside is keeping me alive till you put it out with your fire
You bloody liar



Comments on: "Esto Es Mi Corazon Roto" (6)

  1. jlmartinez815 said:

    Beautifully said!! Thanks for sharing it! And Thanks for stopping by. After reading these words I’ll be taking a closer look at your page.. 😉

    • ashantininja said:

      Thank you. I don’t write much and feel sometimes embarrassed by my writings so I just put anonymous. But when I have such strong feelings I have to express them in the way they wish to be expressed.

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