Something a little different


Yesterday I had some things delivered in the post from Amazon and in the packaging there was a long piece of scrunched up brown paper. I usually keep it because I really like the texture of it and I pike to keep things that I can use in my art. I just open it up and then fold it neatly along the dotted lines that make it easy to tear sections off (can’t remember what you call them,- perforated?).

Anyways yesterday my children saw me doing that and asked if they could have the paper. They had an idea to make a book from it and it worked out great. I divided the lot of paper in half and the folded it and stapled it and hey presto! Two scrap books 🙂







Once made my children were very busy filling it with stickers and cutting and sticking things in. Hours of fun from a little bit of brown paper that could have ended up in the recycling bin.

Comments on: "Ramadan Day 21 Brown Paper Scrap Book." (2)

  1. I often take that same paper and antique it. I soak it in coffee or tea and bake at low temp in the oven. Gives it a great antiqued quality.

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