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Art For Syria Auction

Salam, peace!

On the 19th July 2014 I started an event on Facebook called Art for Syria Auction . For some time now I have been trying to do a fundraiser with Human Appeal and crawling slowly along alhamdolillah. I came up with the idea for an auction because my house is so full of art I’m running out of space! (Well I was before doing the auction)

So far I have sold 17 artworks with 100% donation going to my fundraiser. Each auction runs for 7 days and then the winner is announced on the event page. Payments are made directly to my Just Giving Page and buyers pay postage.

So far I have raised £261, that’s about £15.35 for each artwork sold so there are real bargains to be had. Here are some of the artworks sold and selling  so far:

If you’re not interested in buying any art but would like to donate to my fundraiser you can here.

If you would like to know more about Human Appeal  and their work please click here.

Please visit my Facebook page and like and save to keep up to date with my activities.

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JazakAllah khair

Check out my website:

Comments on: "Art For Syria Auction" (6)

  1. Reblogged this on A Clichéd Life and commented:
    I will not confess to how many paintings I have bought/bid on, but it is all beautiful art and for a really good cause. Please take a look.

    • ashantininja said:

      JazakAllah khair for reblogging. And yes please everyone take a look and dont be afraid to bid, be brave like Brooke 🙂

  2. This auction is a great idea, sister. Also, the paints are lovely. May Allah (SWT) guide you through this project.

  3. I soooooo love what you are doing Masha’Allah

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