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Comments on: "Pen on Colour Wash" (10)

  1. Do you do ZenDoodles? This reminded me of them immediately. Beautiful.

    • Aww thank you for the compliment. Well.till.a few weeks ago I didn’t know what they were. In just an artist creating art, I never really had a name for what I do but I suppose there is a lot of cross over with other types of art. I am a big fan of zen doodles now that I know what they are 🙂

      • Immensely relaxing. A bit like Mandala’s are. Curiously, I just saw a piece on adult coloring books on Amazon. I guess they are selling out like hot cakes. I think there is an artist in all of us and we all find peace of one kind or another through art and music. Thanks for coming by my site. I’ve enjoyed yours, immensely.

      • Yes I have noticed that. I am working on a colouring book of my own. I think it will be download only though.

      • This past week there was a run on some zen or holistic themed coloring book here in the US on Amazon. So yeah, definitely worth considering. Do you do, too?

      • Yes I read that article. I also have an Etsy shop- Do you have a shop or site?

      • No. I have cards I can sell, honestly, I just have too much going on and haven’t gotten around to it. I’m trying to get a book published and start a new coaching business and write for my blog and another meditation group, and, and, and… I suspect you know the feeling. I do a lot of photography and collage work.

      • Yes I definitely know the feeling 🙂

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