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Ramadan- 5 Reasons I’m happy not Eating


Salam, peace ­čÖé

I hope that everyone is enjoying Ramadan.

Ok, I don’t usually write blog posts at all. I don’t have the words and usually don’thave the time to find any so the fact that I’m writing right now is solely because I kinda felt moved to do so. I really love Ramadan, it’s my favourite time of the year. So I’ll just get to the point before I lose the moment; why am I happy to not eat for around 18-19 hours a day for 29/30 Days?

Food gets more interesting
Now I REALLY love food but sometimes I’m just eating for the sake of it, because it’s lunch time or breakfast time or whatever. It can get a bit boring. Fasting for the whole day from dawn to sunset makes you appreciate the food that you get at the end of the day more.

I have more time
I don’t have to keep stopping for food or getting distracted by food breaks because there are none so I can happily get on with my work without having to think ‘oh I haven’t eaten yet’. It’s also easier for me to plan a meal because I will usually have an appetite for something. As a single muslim revert I am fortunate enough not to have to cook the Ramadan feast that some cultures practice each day so my meals are nice and simple alhamdolillah. I can cook a big pot of food and just freeze some for other days in the week. There’s also the choice of iftaar in the mosque where you can take food and share with others. My kids and I also like to make fresh smoothies and have a lot of fruits and yummy bagels with tasty fillings. Along with dates at the time of breaking the fast you can become full very quickly from a smoothie or soup.


I can save money
It’s really simple – eat less food=spend less money on food. I love to use my extra cash to give in charity during Ramadan.

I realise how blessed I am
As a westerner I have come to acknowledge that most of the eating I do is for pleasure and there’s nothing wrong with that when done within reason. However fasting these long days and feeling even more energetic and being even more productive than when I’m not fasting is proof that I can pretty much live on one meal a day or three very small meals. When I break my fast with even the smallest morsel of food I think about those who have nothing at all to break their fast with. There are so many people in this world surviving without the food that we carelessly throw in the bin. I am truly blessed. We are truly blessed. Alhamdolillah.

I learn discipline
Being around others who are eating or even being alone where no one can see you and you see food but have made the choice not to eat it makes me feel really strong mentally. The fact I can resist the temptation to have a bite of that yummy cake or ice cream. My children also fast of their own choice. I do encourage them to eat if they feel hungry but they are so determined to continue their fast that I can only admire and support them. At the time of breaking the fast I can tell they feel such a sense of achievement and then can’t wait to fast again the next day. Learning self restraint is very beneficial. As Muslims fasting should teach us to restrain ourselves from bad language, looking at wrong things and doing the wrong thing. Many times these things are a lot harder than not eating for 19 hours.

Well that’s all. Thanks for reading.

Happy Ramadan.


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