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Relief printing is my main art practice. I create my own designs which are primarily inspired by african tribal art and asian art. When designing I dont think about how a piece will look or have an expected outcome in mind i jus like to draw whichever shapes or lines that I feel until  pattern is formed. Any design created on a piece of lino is the first of its kind. I only pre sketch designs when they are going to be trasformed onto glass. I accept accidents in my work as part of the design process. Many mistakes have happened during my sketches but they just become part of the design.

When printing I usually create monoprints from tthe pallets that I use to mix the colours for lino printing. I find the images that are formed from the mixing of the inks intruiging.



Comments on: "Prints" (9)

  1. Love your prints.

  2. Fatima Nausheen said:


  3. Print making fascinates me. Yours are something to aspire to.

  4. Your designs and colorways are really beautiful.

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