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Just finished this last night. :-)


Pink Tornado

OK I was working on this new abstract painting on Sunday. When I took this picture it was still wet and I thought to myself ‘this is so done! Its so finished!’ Why? Mainly because I was feeling pleased with myself after having a whole day to paint and chillax my brain just feeling my way through the paint. Anyways, the paintings dry now and while I look at it I can’t help thinking to myself that I quite fancy adding something to the bottom half. Hmm…

Art! Its Art <3

I just love what comes out of the unplanned part of creating art. My pallets that I mix paint and ink on are often more beloved to me than the piece of art I intended to create. A beautiful find or creation that I had the privilege of being a part of. 🙂

3 is The Magic Number Theoretically Speaking :)

Right, I made another one, it wasn’t that hard. Now I can look at it without feeling confused or strange. I feel settled inside with the final result, I feel that its complete. I wish everything in life were that easy…

Alhamdolillah 🙂

Blue Waves painting

Mixed media painting with relief printed tissue paper. 🙂

Red Black Twisted Heart

Abstract painting still in progress. I did blog about this over a month ago, it was mostly cream, red and pink then, I think. It has taken on another dimension and has become heavy with black highlighted with red. I’m just feeling my way through it like any other abstract painting. Gotta let the piece speak for itself.

Red, Blue and Purple Abstract Flower Painting in progress

Still unfinished, I have added a touch of bronze and metallic green.

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Red Heart Acrylic Painting

The second in a series of ‘heart’ paintings, halfway to completion.

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Almost finished purple, red and blue flower

Not yet finished, I’m fancying a high gloss touch and a bit of bling to finish this one off but we’ll see how it goes.

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