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Ramadan Day 21 Brown Paper Scrap Book.


Yesterday I had some things delivered in the post from Amazon and in the packaging there was a long piece of scrunched up brown paper. I usually keep it because I really like the texture of it and I pike to keep things that I can use in my art. I just open it up and then fold it neatly along the dotted lines that make it easy to tear sections off (can’t remember what you call them,- perforated?).

Anyways yesterday my children saw me doing that and asked if they could have the paper. They had an idea to make a book from it and it worked out great. I divided the lot of paper in half and the folded it and stapled it and hey presto! Two scrap books 🙂







Once made my children were very busy filling it with stickers and cutting and sticking things in. Hours of fun from a little bit of brown paper that could have ended up in the recycling bin.


Prints from a lino cut that Ive lost :(

These prints were made from a lino that I cut in early 2007. It might not seem a big deal seeing as I have the prints that I made from it but it is to me as they are my original artworks and more valuable in my eyes than and sheet of printed paper. Its like a photographers film, if its lost no more photos. There are four lino cuts from that year that I lost. 😦

Boo hoo me.

Qadru Allah ma sha fa al

The Useful Art Company

I recently met many local craftsmen and women at last Saturdays craft fair held at the Beacon in Newcastle upon Tyne’s west end. Amongst the people who had a stall on Saturday was Brian Reid,  local man who set up his own business called: The Useful Art Company. He sells everyday products such as clips, keyrings, placemats and bags etc.

Brian works with a selection of artists of varying styles, who give him their artwork in order to produce a variety of products all of which are produced in the UK. Brian sells at a number of trade fairs and craft markets throughout the year.

Products are available to buy directly from his website too: . You simply browse the selection of artists, select an artwork and then choose the product that you would like it on. Similarly you can start by selecting the product and then choosing the desired artwork.

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Todays Prints: Red, Green and Pink :)

First Prints of the Day

My first prints of the day and I am pleased with the outcome, especially on the jar because its a really hard shape to print on but the result was good. Many more to get on with so I’ll be busy finishing off what I planned to do. Will post more stuff later inshaAllah. 🙂

My Artist Feature on ‘You & I aRT’

‘You & I aRT‘ Is a community art page on Facebook. It has a sister page called ‘Life is aRT‘ which is the main community page. Both pages are for artist to network and share their work to gain more exposure. However ‘You & I aRT‘ functions as a gallery page for artists and they feature a number of different artists through this page.

The page creates a note which a biography of the artist as well as an artist album with the photos of your choice. Check out my artist feature and gallery page.

 It is very easy to have a gallery featured on the page, click here for the instructions on how you can have your own featured gallery on ‘You & I aRT‘.


Artful Muslimah interview PDF

Here is the PDF for my interview in SISTERS magazine so those of you who don’t have a subscription or are unable to get a copy can read it 🙂


artful Muslimah

Chilled Dimensions

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