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Black Sketch, Indigo Sketch




Screen Munched Sketches

Screen Munched Sketches

Yezarck Catalogue for Syria Fund Raiser

As you know the crisis in Syria is getting worse day by day and many people are losing their lives, families and homes. There is also a dire need for food for those who manage to get to camps and other places of safety and the Syrian regime have deliberately closed bakeries and are targeting people who come to buy food.

I am desperate to do my best to help so I would like to raise £50,000 which will pay for 5 food trucks will will inshaAllah feed more than 5000 people for a month.

Ramadan is coming up. Just think how will they be spending it? SubhanAllah it is heartbreaking. Please if you are interested in my artwork then spread and share with your friends and contact me with your orders. ALL PROFITS are going towards my fund raising target for Syria.

3 Paintings in Progress

I actually have about 8 paintings on the go at the moment. Been quite busy today but the busy days are my favourite days at the moment. Love to have a lot going on, I love feeling productive. Should have these 3 finished within the next couple of days. I hope to get at least 4 paintings completed this week inshaAllah. 🙂

‘Emotionally Dark’

New piece, I think I prefer it as landscape although for me it works both ways. Please comment with your opinions. Thanks.

Overwhelming Compulsion

My latest sketch. I named it ‘Overwhelming Compulsion’ for a number of reasons, the main one being that I was itching to add colour to this sketch, like so many sketches that I started before that were only supposed to be black and white. I think every artist experiences that, its what drives us, our emotions and the urge to express ourselves. Its hard when your original idea starts conflicting with that emotional pulse to go a completely different direction.

Multi Coloured Sketch

Pencil and pen sketch. 🙂

Black Red White Sketch

Newly completed sketch.


Black and Gold Sketch with Baby Blue and Mint Green

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