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Ramadan Day 21 Brown Paper Scrap Book.


Yesterday I had some things delivered in the post from Amazon and in the packaging there was a long piece of scrunched up brown paper. I usually keep it because I really like the texture of it and I pike to keep things that I can use in my art. I just open it up and then fold it neatly along the dotted lines that make it easy to tear sections off (can’t remember what you call them,- perforated?).

Anyways yesterday my children saw me doing that and asked if they could have the paper. They had an idea to make a book from it and it worked out great. I divided the lot of paper in half and the folded it and stapled it and hey presto! Two scrap books 🙂







Once made my children were very busy filling it with stickers and cutting and sticking things in. Hours of fun from a little bit of brown paper that could have ended up in the recycling bin.

Ramadan Day 19 Kids Colouring Book Cover


I was busy yesterday working on this as well as some other business. 🙂 What do you think?


Screen Munch from my FB

Sou Sous Book

I help my children to make their own books. This is my daughters, she is such a princess and loves the colour pink and flowers and all sorts of girly stuff. I love this picture because of the way the sun was shining through the net curtains and made a beautiful shadow of flowers on the windowsill and the book.

Handbound A4 sized Blue Book

I made this book a couple of weeks ago, the sheets are cut from Somerset paper. The book is hardback with a teal blue velvet type fabric cover. I used a piece from a black belt that I had broke. It still needs to be stamped with my logo before I put it in my Etsy shop:

Two of My Latest Handmade Books

Two of my latest handmade books, the blue one is hot out of the bookpress. Small book is a little bigger than A6 size covered with a mocha upholstery fabric and an off cut from an old belt to decorate. The larger book is A4 sized covered with a blue velvet type fabric and decorated with an off cut from an old belt.

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Another book

This is the most recent book that I’ve made. At the moment I’m mixing up different ideas for the look of the book covers, this is one simple example. I just added some ribbon to the front of the book. The size of this book is roughly A6.

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