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Sou Sous Book

I help my children to make their own books. This is my daughters, she is such a princess and loves the colour pink and flowers and all sorts of girly stuff. I love this picture because of the way the sun was shining through the net curtains and made a beautiful shadow of flowers on the windowsill and the book.

This Was Supposed to be Black n White

When I started this sketch I had intended for it to be black and white, but in snuck a bit of orange and before you know it the other colours got in there too.

Sketch so far

My latest sketch, I’m almost finished. 🙂

Abstract Flower Painting update

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Red, Blue and Purple Abstract Flower Painting in progress

Still unfinished, I have added a touch of bronze and metallic green.

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Almost finished purple, red and blue flower

Not yet finished, I’m fancying a high gloss touch and a bit of bling to finish this one off but we’ll see how it goes.


Danni’s painting

Just completed this painting I made for my cousin Danielle.

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