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Screen Munched Sketches


Screen Munched Sketches

‘Emotionally Dark’

New piece, I think I prefer it as landscape although for me it works both ways. Please comment with your opinions. Thanks.


Black and Gold Sketch with Baby Blue and Mint Green


Sketches 2013

‘Sabr’ Painting

This is my latest commission piece for a client in Qatar. It says ‘Sabr’ in arabic script which translates to ‘patience’. I just received this picture of it framed and hanging in its new home. 🙂

Artful Muslimah interview PDF

Here is the PDF for my interview in SISTERS magazine so those of you who don’t have a subscription or are unable to get a copy can read it 🙂


artful Muslimah

Ghetto Fabulous Sketch

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Night time Painting

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Some new abstract style inspired by Chinese art, work in progress. Will keep you updated.;)

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