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Artful Muslimah interview PDF

Here is the PDF for my interview in SISTERS magazine so those of you who don’t have a subscription or are unable to get a copy can read it 🙂


artful Muslimah

Yezarck Art by Samar Asamoah – Artist Spotlight | Artpromotivate Art Promotion Tips

Yezarck Art by Samar Asamoah – Artist Spotlight | Artpromotivate Art Promotion Tips.

Artists Statement

I make art because I enjoy it. It calms me and helps me to keep my hands busy and let my mind flow freely. It helps me let go of stress and tension so I don’t worry about silly things. My methods are unconventional and unrestricted, pure and true to myself. Subconscious, imagination, and the essence of my humanity all play their role in the creative process.

My work is an expression of myself and whatever I am feeling at the time. With my art I am exploring texture, colour and pattern. The transformation process is fascinating to me. Making marks on surfaces, giving it my imprint and becoming a part of it is something tribal and instinctive- a form of self discovery.

Creating art is part of building memories. Each piece for me reflects a point in my life. I would like to incorporate my interest in other cultures, specifically my love for languages in my future work.

'The Greenhouse' at John Hansard gallery

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