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Ramadan day 3 :)

I was busy doing some boring but necessary Home work today since that I need to do my business plan.

I’m just itching to paint and I quite fancy doing some print making which I hope to spend my Saturday afternoon doing inshaAllah (God willing).

My son did some really amazing robot drawings today that I just had to share. I love the detail. 🙂




I ate a simple salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, celery, rice and salmon. It was very refreshing and nice. It occurred to me today that I haven’t had any meat since the beginning of Ramadan. I know that’s only three days which isn’t long but had I eaten out I probably would’ve eaten meat. I think it’s a good thing to lay off the meat. It really isn’t necessary to eat meat every day. It’s amazing how far a little of the right food goes. 🙂


Then eat of what Allah has provided for you which is lawful and good. And be grateful to Allah, if it is indeed Him that you worship. Surah An-Nahl:114


Yesterdays Craft Fair at the Beacon

Yesterdays craft fair at the Beacon, in Newcastle’s west end. I did try to blog live from there on my phone yesterday but I didn’t have good enough reception to publish the blog.

Over the next two weeks I will be blogging about each of the individual arts and crafts sellers that took part in the fair. I met so many wonderful, inspiring and friendly people yesterday and hopefully will be doing some collaborations with a few of them soon.

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