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Handbound A4 sized Blue Book

I made this book a couple of weeks ago, the sheets are cut from Somerset paper. The book is hardback with a teal blue velvet type fabric cover. I used a piece from a black belt that I had broke. It still needs to be stamped with my logo before I put it in my Etsy shop:

Two of My Latest Handmade Books

Two of my latest handmade books, the blue one is hot out of the bookpress. Small book is a little bigger than A6 size covered with a mocha upholstery fabric and an off cut from an old belt to decorate. The larger book is A4 sized covered with a blue velvet type fabric and decorated with an off cut from an old belt.

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Yesterdays Craft Fair at the Beacon

Yesterdays craft fair at the Beacon, in Newcastle’s west end. I did try to blog live from there on my phone yesterday but I didn’t have good enough reception to publish the blog.

Over the next two weeks I will be blogging about each of the individual arts and crafts sellers that took part in the fair. I met so many wonderful, inspiring and friendly people yesterday and hopefully will be doing some collaborations with a few of them soon.

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