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‘Emotionally Dark’

New piece, I think I prefer it as landscape although for me it works both ways. Please comment with your opinions. Thanks.

Esto Es Mi Corazon Roto

This is my broken heart
I can feel it crying
Tears in my eyes but they fall in my heart
All alone this sorrow will never part
Heart, beat, slow, beat, bleed, gently, slowly, dying, crying, trying to heal the wounds you cut so deep
I’m lost without you the nights I cannot sleep
For the pain inside is keeping me alive till you put it out with your fire
You bloody liar


Red Black Twisted Heart

Abstract painting still in progress. I did blog about this over a month ago, it was mostly cream, red and pink then, I think. It has taken on another dimension and has become heavy with black highlighted with red. I’m just feeling my way through it like any other abstract painting. Gotta let the piece speak for itself.

Does it Look Like a Heart?

Still to be finished but almost there I think.

Heart Sketch Coloured with Rose Syrup and Red Chilli Powder

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