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Rainbow Print

I love this new piece, one of my latest ink pallets as I call them. Its like a rainbow and I like the subtle details in it.

Mono print on board


Art in Mind Exhibit at Brick Lane Gallery London

Photos taken by me at the open evening of the Brick Lane Gallery exhibit Art in Mind. All my sketch art canvases are available to buy at £500 per canvas, contact me @ 🙂

Screen Munches :)

Went a little screen much crazy 🙂

Todays printing

Today I printed on about 15 jars which will be great as tea light lanterns, 1 bottle and have made a piece of abstract art that kind of has a sunset rainbow feel to it. Not sure if I’ll change it or add to it once its dry though. 🙂

Just a Little Baby Blue Needed

This sketch is practically finished apart from the few white spaces left. They should be baby blue but I ran out of baby blue pen. I’ve been on th hunt for a new pen but can’t find baby blue! 😦 . I didn’t think I was going to like this sketch at all but now I just love it, can’t wait till its finished. I think I’m gonna name it crazy butterfly. My chuck egg suggested the name to me. 🙂

First Prints of the Day

My first prints of the day and I am pleased with the outcome, especially on the jar because its a really hard shape to print on but the result was good. Many more to get on with so I’ll be busy finishing off what I planned to do. Will post more stuff later inshaAllah. 🙂

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