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North-Eastern Landscapes by Alan and Joan Ford

Alan and Joan Ford paint using water colours beautiful landscape paintings of various locations and sites around the North-East of England. All of their paintings are originals and they do no sell prints or copies of their work. So you can be sure that when you buy an artwork from them it is truly unique and irreplaceable. For information on their artwork and purchases you can contact them via email at- or by phone- 0191 4875881.

The photos below were taken at the Beacons craft fair on the 22nd September. The pictures do not do these beautifully detailed paintings justice.


Yesterdays Craft Fair at the Beacon

Yesterdays craft fair at the Beacon, in Newcastle’s west end. I did try to blog live from there on my phone yesterday but I didn’t have good enough reception to publish the blog.

Over the next two weeks I will be blogging about each of the individual arts and crafts sellers that took part in the fair. I met so many wonderful, inspiring and friendly people yesterday and hopefully will be doing some collaborations with a few of them soon.

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