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Dissected Love- Sketch Painting





Mixed media collage painting completed last night. šŸ™‚


‘Emotionally Dark’

New piece, I think I prefer it as landscape although for me it works both ways. Please comment with your opinions. Thanks.

Blue Waves painting

Mixed media painting with relief printed tissue paper. šŸ™‚

Red Black Twisted Heart

Abstract painting still in progress. I did blog about this over a month ago, it was mostly cream, red and pink then, I think. It has taken on another dimension and has become heavy with black highlighted with red. I’m just feeling my way through it like any other abstract painting. Gotta let the piece speak for itself.

Abstract Flower Painting update

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Almost finished purple, red and blue flower

Not yet finished, I’m fancying a high gloss touch and a bit of bling to finish this one off but we’ll see how it goes.

‘Commotion in My Backyard’

New mixed media Glass prints

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Relief print in Black

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Mono print paintings

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The two green pictures were made as a commision piece. The rainbow coloured one was a pallette that I made during a lino print session.

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