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Pen on Colour Wash

Overwhelming Compulsion

My latest sketch. I named it ‘Overwhelming Compulsion’ for a number of reasons, the main one being that I was itching to add colour to this sketch, like so many sketches that I started before that were only supposed to be black and white. I think every artist experiences that, its what drives us, our emotions and the urge to express ourselves. Its hard when your original idea starts conflicting with that emotional pulse to go a completely different direction.

Green, Yellow and Orange Sketch

Pencil and pen sketch. 🙂


Red, Yellow and Orange pencil and pen sketch

Multi Coloured Sketch

Pencil and pen sketch. 🙂

Just a Little Baby Blue Needed

This sketch is practically finished apart from the few white spaces left. They should be baby blue but I ran out of baby blue pen. I’ve been on th hunt for a new pen but can’t find baby blue! 😦 . I didn’t think I was going to like this sketch at all but now I just love it, can’t wait till its finished. I think I’m gonna name it crazy butterfly. My chuck egg suggested the name to me. 🙂

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