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Painting in Progress in London

Photo taken with and without flash.


Screen Munched Sketches

Screen Munched Sketches

Rainbow Print

I love this new piece, one of my latest ink pallets as I call them. Its like a rainbow and I like the subtle details in it.

Mono print on board


3 Paintings in Progress

I actually have about 8 paintings on the go at the moment. Been quite busy today but the busy days are my favourite days at the moment. Love to have a lot going on, I love feeling productive. Should have these 3 finished within the next couple of days. I hope to get at least 4 paintings completed this week inshaAllah. 🙂

‘Emotionally Dark’

New piece, I think I prefer it as landscape although for me it works both ways. Please comment with your opinions. Thanks.

3 is The Magic Number Theoretically Speaking :)

Right, I made another one, it wasn’t that hard. Now I can look at it without feeling confused or strange. I feel settled inside with the final result, I feel that its complete. I wish everything in life were that easy…

Alhamdolillah 🙂

How Confused Am I???

OK. Painted this piece yesterday. It had so much going on and was quite wet but its dry now. So what’s the confusion about? Well, I kinda got a thing for odd numbers these days but yesterday I thought I’d be clever and make a two piece painting. Today I wake up and have a look and feel like it just aint complete, like I neeeed to make another one. Now I’m writing this thinking to myself what wrong with you silly cow just make another one then! Kmt.


Red, Yellow and Orange pencil and pen sketch

Let us Return to the Dessert

Sketch in Crayola pencils. Colours chosen by my sister Adjoah.

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