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Prints from a lino cut that Ive lost :(

These prints were made from a lino that I cut in early 2007. It might not seem a big deal seeing as I have the prints that I made from it but it is to me as they are my original artworks and more valuable in my eyes than and sheet of printed paper. Its like a photographers film, if its lost no more photos. There are four lino cuts from that year that I lost. ­čśŽ

Boo hoo me.

Qadru Allah ma sha fa al

Todays printing

Today I printed on about 15 jars which will be great as tea light lanterns, 1 bottle and have made a piece of abstract art that kind of has a sunset rainbow feel to it. Not sure if I’ll change it or add to it once its dry though. ­čÖé

Red and Pink Painting in Progress

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